We Provide Consultancy, Research and Development Support

We wouldn’t get very far if we were to adopt a standardized blanket approach to the compliance projects. We understand that companies might have different needs, requiring different approaches as to how we handle compliance projects. One way H.B. Compliance Solutions (HBCS) can offer a flexible approach to compliance is by offering a range of technical advice and consultancy services, designed to help you get the most out of your products, processes and plans.

A brief explanation of our range of consultancy services is mentioned below:


  • EMC Consulting – HBCS provides with expert consultation regardless of where the product is in its life-cycle. If a program is still in engineering design, development, or is being manufactured, HBCS has the ability to quickly and accurately generate EMC control or test plans resolving any product issues which allow for an effective and efficient results. Early consideration of Regulatory Testing and approvals enhance a company’s ability to release the best product in the fastest time frame. Avoid the unnecessary changes in a product’s release by partnering with HBCS for your Compliance needs.


  • Product Approval/Certification – HBCS will schedule an initial meeting to review your certification project, which enables us to identify any potential non-compliance prior to project commencement. This involves going over specific issues of instructions, fault analysis, problem solving, and assessment and standard advice.


  • Laboratory Pre-Compliance Testing – HBCS has the capabilities to carry out pre-compliance testing, where we test a product to your exact requirements and individual testing needs. This is useful if you are in the early stages of product design and are still refining your product and materials, or have a requirement to test the durability and suitability of your product prior to undergoing a full certification project. Testing this way can save money for a long term, as you can identify any potential design flaws with your product- from a compliance viewpoint and correct these before going ahead with full certification, saving delays and costly re-tests during the project approval.

Regulatory Compliance Testing and Consulting Services !