We are a Fully Accredited ISO 17025 Testing Laboratory Providing Regulatory Compliance Testing Services



We perform EMC testing services to ensure a product meets its high quality standard. We en ...


FCC Compliance Testing to FCC Rule Parts 2, 15, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 27, 73, 74, 80, 87 ...


We have a particular responsibility towards our clients in the area of product safety. We ...


Temperature / Humidity Testing Thermal Shock Vibration ...


We Provide Consultancy, Research and Development Support. We wouldn't get very far if we w ...


HBCS extensive partnership with various agencies allows manufacturers to meet global ...


Consistently provide quality testing services that conform to customer and regulatory requirements

H.B. Compliance Solutions offers the best quality EMC testing services for the Electronics Manufacturer and Wireless Industry. We strive to offer the best compliance testing for your device and an amazing work style at a fair price. We have been constantly serving the best testing services for electronic businesses since 2009

We bring quality and improvement to every project we have worked on

Our Passion: Nothing entertains us more than working for our fantastic clients. We value them and if required we work extra hours to get everything right and on time.

Experience: We have been helping other business for a decade. We have worked with many companies and glad to have a strong network and consistent referrals from the businesses we have worked and delivered hundreds of submissions. We are passionate and improving our services with years of experience, which we bring to the table.

Strong Team: We have a team of highly dedicated, experienced professionals in the compliance & testing field. Each one of us understands the need and values your organization and has been constantly working with clients and their product for the compliance testing.

Specialist advice and Support: Highly experienced NARTE certified professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the testing and consulting field. Our continuous support makes the product ready and best client satisfaction.



We work not just only for our growth but also growth of your company.

What makes us different from other business?

We are different because our difference comes from our diversity. Our priority brings many different perspectives to our clients’ challenges and quality.Our core priority is to deliver quality services to our clients because we are passionate about making differences in your business. We do this by providing quality for each of your product and finding solutions.

We are working hard to become number one Testing and Compliance facility. We offer quality testing services on a reasonable budget.

We have our testing laboratory in Arizona, USA and have been servicing since many years.

Some of Our Customers Include:

Regulatory Compliance Testing and Consulting Services !